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The Science Booth is a Science Edu-tainment provider serving Cumbria and South West Scotland.

We provide interactive Science Demonstration Shows with plenty of whizz, pop and bang! Along with hands-on workshops for your little scientists.

Perfect edu-tainment for schools, youth groups, parties and more!

The Science Booth Academy

A membership with access to fun experiments and worksheets you can do from your own home. 

Crazy Kitchen Chemistry 

@ home

The simple way to make science fun from your own kitchen, with no complicated equipment!

Check out the latest FREE experiments!

Scientific Ice Cream

Scientific Ice Cream

This is the perfect activity for a hot summer's day! What do I need? Milkshake ice cubes table salt small and largesandwich bag tea towel or gloves Safety First! Always ask your grown-up to help you. Your safety is your responsibility. This experiment gets very cold...

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Ice Luminary

Ice Luminary

You have got to have a little patience for this one, but trust me the results are spectacular! What do I need? Two plastic bowls (one which fits inside the other) Marbles/stones Christmas items (foliage, tinsel etc) Duct tape Boiled cooled water Freezer Tea light...

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