The Science Booth Academy

An online science club perfect for 5-11 year olds with new experiments added every week.

  • Equipment lists in advance;
  • Instructional videos;
  • Informative worksheets;
  • Ideas to take your experiments further;

The simple way to make science fun from your own kitchen, with no complicated equipment!

Dear Super Parent,

Maybe you’re here because you are in the awesome FREE group The Science Booth @ Home, maybe you found me on Google, maybe another super parent recommended me? But, the real reason you’re here…you know how important science skills are for your budding scientist.

There are clubs for everything: football, dance, drama, martial arts, singing, but what about science?! If you are lucky enough to have science club local to you fantastic, but so many parents tell me there is nothing for their child to do at the weekend or in the holidays. This is where we can help!

I know you’ve not got time to watch YouTube for hours on end or scour Pinterest for the next awesome science experiment, and even if you find a cool experiment can you even get hold of all the ingredients and equipment. Then can you do that next week and the week after…again and again? It’s exhausting! I’ve done the ground work for you!

The Science Booth Academy has everything in one place ready to go and supportive community as an added bonus.

I’ve seen companies charging £19.99 for one Zoom session or £35.00 for a subscription box. It’s not fair! It’s not inclusive. It’s my aim to science accessible to all children and this is why I will make The Science Booth Academy as affordable as possible.


In the FREE facebook group, The Science Booth @ Home parents have been asking for more.

More experiments and more themed physical boxes. The camps and online challenges have been so much fun and really well attended. It seemed obvious that the next step was to create and launch The Science Booth Academy. This idea has been growing in my mind for quite some time and I am so proud that it is finally here!

It’s everything you need to make weekly science a big hit at home. Equipment lists uploaded at the start of each month.

Instructional videos for each experiment and a worksheet alongside with step-by-step, clear instructions. Plus ideas to take it further. It’s like having me in your own kitchen! Not to mention the wonderful community we have in the exclusive Facebook group.

Here’s what you get:

    • An equipment shopping list at the start of the month.
    • A new instructional experiment video each week.
    • A worksheet to go alongside each video.
    • Certificate of completion at the end of each month.
    • Reward scheme with milestones to hit along the way.
    • Monthly e-zine direct to your mailbox.

Your little scientist will be having so much fun; they won’t even know they are learning!

Here’s how it works:

    • An equipment shopping list at the start of the month so you can get everything in advance. Some of which you’ll have in your kitchen already, most of which is readily available at the supermarket! If it is not readily available we will recommend trusted suppliers.
    • A video of a new experiment each week, where I show you what to do and explain the science behind it!
    • A worksheet with detailed step-by-step instructions for each experiment, so you can get stuck in!
    • Scientific explanations: don’t worry about explaining the scientific concepts, I’ve already done it for you in a child friendly way!
    • Certificate of completion at the end of each month: Your little one will be a Science Booth expert and they will have a certificate to prove it, which they can show off to their teachers, friends and family!
    • Reward Scheme: to record all your experiments and collect rewards along the way.
    • Monthly e-zine: full of seasonal science, more ideas and featuring your little scientists.

Here’s what it will do for you:

    • Make science amazing for your little one!
    • Provide simple, safe, but crazy fun experiments to inspire and amaze. They will spark your child’s imagination and they will be learning valuable skills without even knowing!
    • Full explanations of the science behind the fun!
    • Turn your kitchen into your very own lab!

Sounds FAB, but how much does it cost?

I wish I could come to your kitchen and do an experiment with you with you, but there is only one of me and so many of you!

Each experiment should give your little scientist around 30 minutes of engaged, hands-on learning. You will have access to these as long as you are a member, plus access to the archive of previous experiments.

We will also have some very special guests joining us each month with bonus activities for you to carry out.

This membership will only be £10.99 per month and you will keep this price as long as you are a member.

ANNUAL SAVINGS: You can save money by signing up to the digital content for a whole year for only £99.99.  Just click the JOIN NOW button!


Want to make your membership even more exciting? 

for an extra £6.49 a month, you can have a box of goodies sent to you. 

What do grown-ups say about

‘The Science Booth’?

“Being relatively new to home education we’ve been trying lots of different resources, classes and groups. The Science Booth has proven to be our favourite so far!! The experiments have the wow! (or even yuk!) factor needed to engage our (sometimes reticent) kids.
We love the way that the info is produced, esp the themes and the mix of videos, lives, the (well priced) boxes and the worksheets.
It’s well pitched for us being fun but stretching their scientific knowledge a little each time.
Thank you!”

– David & Emma Thomas

“The Science Booth has inspired my little scientists and sparked a curiosity about the world. The best bit is that I haven’t needed to spend a fortune on getting equipment to do the experiments!
It’s also a brilliant community that shares ideas and tips for further learning or resources, as well as helping and supporting each other when something hasn’t quite gone to plan!
With worksheets, videos, photos and the chance to buy themed kits at low cost, there is something for everyone to enjoy.”

– Jo Harvey

“My family and I love this group and you, for many reasons:
You make science fun and accessible!
You give a list of everything you need!
You’re a bit crazy which we love!
You don’t just say do this and that, you show us exactly how!
You enjoy it, and are so enthusiastic it makes the child enthusiastic. Even the non-science ones
You do live shows and teach about the dangers!
You’re just amazing!!!”

– Amy Cocker

So what are you waiting for? Awe-inspiring science and fun at your fingertips! Your future scientists will thank you!